Tinted Glass

Which means – limited visibility, so that the colours of your shoes don’t clash with the décor of your room.

So that you have full visibility of shoes and colours, allowing ease of choice, for that perfect shoe to go with the perfect outfit.


So that you have full visibility of shoes and colours, without opening the door, allowing you to choose or just admire your beautiful shoes.

18mm rods

Which means – thicker than usual for strong support for a variety of shoe styles.

Angled solid shelf
So that you can store flat shoes or clutch bags.

Movable shelves
So that you can store different height boots or bags.

Sliding doors
So that you have easy access, even in tight spots of your room or walk-in closet.

Gloss Black or Gloss White with Aluminium door frames – so that, the BaBooShoe Booth will blend in with most decors, as a stylish piece of furniture.

Assembly help >
If you need help assembling your booth, visit www.aussemble.com.au

The Imelda in Gloss White - $2,585.00

 The Wow Cabinet

Mrs Marcos herself, once said, “I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty!
We are sure that if The Imelda shoe booth was available back then, she would have had a few in her in boudoir?

The Imelda is the ultimate shoe cabinet, to solve all your storage headaches.
Measuring 2.1 metres high x 1.2 metres wide and 40cm deep, It holds 55 pairs on racks, plus four moveable shelves for bags and boots.
The Imelda is remote controlled, with Interior led lighting and aluminum trim.

It’s like owning your own shoe shop!

AUD $2,585.00 inc. GST